SoundExchange helps the music and creative community thrive in the digital age. SoundExchange is the independent nonprofit collective management organization that collects and distributes digital performance royalties to featured artists and copyright holders.

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We represent recording artists – from unsigned a cappella to acid rock to multi-platinum stars and master rights owners including major and independent record labels. It’s our job to ensure that these artists and copyright holders are compensated when their work is broadcast by non-interactive digital radio.

  • Our Work
    • SoundExchange works to propel the music industry forward through advocacy, efficiency and strong partnerships.
  • Team
    • SoundExchange is comprised of music aficionados, technology and data buffs – many of them budding musicians themselves.
  • International Partners
    • SoundExchange has international partnerships in place that allow us to collect and pay artist and right holders royalties even when their music is played outside the U.S.
  • Careers
    • Join the talented individuals at SoundExchange that are dedicated to moving music forward.